The Edict of Milan led to the Christian church being ruled over by an institutional form that did not originate in the New Testament. From that time forward, there have been many moves of reformation that have helped people get out from under institutional control. The sad news is that the institution has always pursued the reformers and in most cases, has overtaken them or their descendants.

We can see throughout history the famous reformers like Luther, Simons, Foxx and Wesley all working outside of or in opposition to the institution. Each of these men started movements that lived on after they died. Each of these movements eventually were overtaken by the institution and came back under their control. Breaking free from the institution is fairly easy. Staying free from it appears to be the more difficult part.

As movements grow they become appealing targets of men who seek power and control. As those who started the work pass away, others come in. Paul warned of this.

[Act 20:29 NASB95] - "I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock;

It is a difficult task to run the church the way God designed it and to guard against the institution overtaking it. This is our desire here. We want to help people get free from the institutional forms that man has placed over the church of God. We want each Christ follower to understand how the church was designed by God to operate. We want them all to find their place in the Holy Spirit filled community of believers. We want to be the next in a long line of reformers to try to set the bride free from her captors and once again see revival break out and the church manifest Jesus in the streets.

This is the goal and work of Disciple Driven Church. If you connect with this message then you should connect with us. Revival only happens if Christ followers return to God's design.