Welcome to Disciple Driven Church!

Disciple Driven Church is the teaching ministry of Dr. Terry M. Goodwin.

Terry, and his wife Suzette, founded Sun Ministries in 2006. as a tool to support missionaries to America. They live and work from North St. Louis Missouri.

While still involved at Sun Ministries, Terry focuses his time on teaching people how to return to God's design for life and the church. Disciple Driven Church is Biblical teaching designed to return the church to its organic roots to function apart from structures and forms imposed by Emporer Constantine in the 4th century. We unite people around a common vision, values and mission. We do not form heirarchical leadership structures based on positions and titles. We do not divide over doctrinal statements or form denominational lines. Disciple Driven Churches form naturally our of disciple making. Therefore, we say, we are planting churches without church planting. Each Disciple Driven Church is united with others organically, just as the early church.

This site is a collection of materials to help you in the pursuit of God's design for life and church apart from an institutional form. Whenever possible, materials are offered free of charge. Our hope is to see disciples making disciples and living in unity under God's design.