Welcome to the new home of the Disciple Driven Church. Dr. Terry and Suzette Goodwin started the Disciple Driven Church back in 2009. What is Disciple Driven Church? It is a collection of teaching that has emerged from the lives and ministry of Terry and Suzette. They left the institutional church system and went on a journey together to find God's design for His people and His church. 

Since that time, they have accumulated what they learned into a collection of teaching, training events, and discipleship that helps people to deinstitutionalize their Christian faith and find healing from the pain of the past. 

The idea of leaving the institution is very popular today. At first, they connected with many others that also saw flaws and problems in the institutional settings that are common to the American church. Over time they realized that leaving the institution was only the first step. To leave what is wrong does not automatically lead to what is right.

God does outline a structure, leadership and function of His church. His desire is for His children to follow these instructions. The Disciple Driven Church is here to help people explore these instructions and to help guard against the reinstitutionalization of God's church. 

There is a lot of teaching materials available on this site. The materials are made available free of charge in electronic formats. We always try to make our materials and services free. 

[Mat 10:8 NASB95] 8 "Heal [the] sick, raise [the] dead, cleanse [the] lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.