What is Disciple Driven Church?
Reformation - Revival - Renewal - Organic - Biblical

Disciple Driven Church is the teaching ministry of Dr. Terry & Suzette Goodwin. The name describes the Biblical approach to ministry that is taught. The early church made disciples that then gathered into the church. It is that simple. We are teaching people how to return to the instruction of the Bible for life, ministry and the church. 

Disciple Driven Church wants to help the church get set free both personally and from the structures imposed on the church by Emporer Constantine in the 4th century. These structures have held the church captive for centuries. We teach, train and make disciples. We teach these disciples what the Bible says about church and life. These disciples form organic churches. This is the simplicity of Disciple Driven Church. 

Many of our teaching materials are available here at no charge. We recommend you start with the video - The Gospel of the Kingdom. Then read the book Disciple Driven Church The Coming Reformation. If you connect through these teachings we encourage you to reach out and connect with us.